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Author of Best Selling Book "LIVE... UNAPOLOGETICALLY!"






Experiencing a Greater Human Condition starts with self love

Discover in 8 questions why life isn't turning out the way you want.

I say "SO WHAT" to the
idea that you’re a victim.
It’s bullshit. 

There are whole industries dedicated to telling you you’re broken, preying on your insecurities and you're fuc%ed up!   You need fixing. You’ll only be good enough when you see a certain number in your bank account, loved by a certain type of person, have a certain job title or live in a certain zip code.


That “success” means having a certain job, looking a certain way and living a certain lifestyle.

You're human first!  You didn't come into this world with a bank account balance, a job title or a mansion!  But let’s be honest, social media and magazines – even many celebs and influencers –  sell the fads, hacks-the "guru-ness" and tell you that’s success and happiness. It’s not.

They tell you that when you’re embarrassed, guilty, disgusted, simply exhausted enough and hit rock bottom– you’ll change. Why does it have to get to that point?  Plus, that never worked before and it won’t work now.

You don’t need fixing. You just need some help to appreciate and prioritise yourself. What you need is to embrace your power of choice,  find your purpose and become a greater human being.


My mission is to help people realize their biggest superpower is choice-to be greater human beings so they live their purpose and an extraordinary life every single damn day.

If your life looks great on social media & paper but feels crap in real life, we need to talk.

I’m Curtis, The Purpose Coach, specialising in helping you to balance professional success alongside your personal health and happiness.

It starts with embracing your greatness, uniqueness, respecting your mind and body and creating a sense of balance so you can thrive.  


There is no one on this planet just like you and has your blueprint for happiness and success!

I can help you enjoy the success you’ve strived so hard to achieve without having to sacrifice your soul to find it.

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Advocate for being anything and everything you want to be.

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