Discover Your Limitless Potential

Do you hate what you see in the mirror? 

Do you struggle to find the words to explain how you feel and what you’re truly passionate for?

How about we get this sorted once and for all so you can truly have a life that fills you up? 

I want everyone who struggles with taking action in their lives and desire to be successful to get "unstuck" so they can discover their path, to experience an empowering and unapologetic life without years of therapy or years of misery. 

The Break the Chains program, combines all my years of study, personal experience and expertise into a format that you can do from the comfort of home.


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“Curtis not only helped me but my team understands complicated and sometimes hard to manage client conversations but he also provided step by step processes to build rapport with clients”

Bobby  Saumell

Business and Brand Development 


“Since doing the programme I’ve put healthy practices in place.  Curtis helped me overcome issues I wouldn't have thought were connected to my nutrition and business.  For the first time in years I can truly say I love what I see in the mirror and appreciate how amazing I am... and my business is doing amazing too!”


Small Business Owner

Black lady portrait.png

“In first few sessions with Curtis I regained my confidence, adopted better habits and made some critical big changes in my life.”

Shari Galbreath