"You want your business to be great, then you have to be great."

An entrepreneur and business owners world is a dizzying and fast paced environment that needs focus, clarity, happiness to be successful.

But in your busy offices, hours behind a computer, checking backend systems, and making sure you are generating new business the person that matters most is propped up by caffeine and sugar so you make it through the day. They’re working themselves to the bone and responding to the demands of the business but burn out and stress and anxiety are ongoing issues.

That’s where I enter.

Having survived and thrived as an entrepreneur, I have first hand, real in the trenches, experience in how to transform people from surviving to thriving, both professionally and personally.  

I now develop and deliver bespoke coaching to clients at some of the most forward thinking and innovative companies.

Dedicated coaching support enable both individuals and teams to find balance for their personal health and happiness and professional success and productivity.  Resulting in you with a happier, more productive and focused self and business.

Topics include:

Individual and team transformational training

Confidence and mindset

Career and company progression 

Effective and fast strategies for energy and stress management

How to thrive (rather than survive) in a fast paced environment and industry

Are you ready to start getting the greatest out of your yourself and team?


I have very high standards in my work with clients so I hesitated a long time before engaging coaches within my high end business.  I selected Curtis because his intention to create great people is flawless.  I know that his coaching credentials are of a very high standard.  Also because as a coach Curtis never allows a focus on professional success to get in the way of personal mental health & happiness.  In fact I feel that having coaches like Mel to support me has enhanced my reputation.

Brooke Perkins


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I respect Curtis' "human first" philosophy.  My team all left the sessions feeling empowered to push themselves think about how we can develop more personal relationships and working practices, acting as a true extended team. Curtis is a very inspiring, personable and talented coach.

Kevin Miles

Managing Director