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Copy Assassin: The Art of Changing Your Prospects Minds.

     At any given point in your process in which you are trying to catapult your customer into buying your product, your prospect ranges from apathy to the strong interest of being sold.  

     Your prospects also have the various levels of skepticism ranging from extremely skeptical to distrustful, reserved, accepting, believing, and, again sold.  

     Copywriting creatively articulates to your prospects without them knowing that they will become enthusiastic believers but willing buyers.  Copywriting can accelerate your prospects decision-making process, thereby dramatically minimizing the time tia take for them to buy what you are selling.  

     The secret to changing your prospect's mind is to shift his or her mental representation and to ask them questions... why?  Because you should never under estimate the power of imagination.  

Creating the Copywriting Blueprint

     When it comes to web copy, the writing process is pretty straight forward.  Don't get creative with this-take it as is and believe me, your prospects will thank you.

     When your prospect said to themselves, "Hey, they really understands my problem"... "He reads me like a book."-you've won.

     You further identify the history of the problem or pain.  The more you identify their pain the more you build your audience's anticipation to a new solution.

     Looking down the track you begin to set the stage for what life could be like and what could happen when your audience's problem, pain, or predicament is eliminated.  Copy writing goes beyond the stating the obvious.  Copy writing creatively draws a picture of what is possible now that the pain is gone.

     Copywriting changes what your prospects think is possible.  This is where I explain for my clients who they are and how their product or services can help their prospect.  My clients brands unique selling proposition (USP) comes to the game. My clients USP is "the thing" about their product, services, or your business apart from the competition.  

     By the end of copywriting, subconsciously a prospect should ask themselves, "What should I do next?"  That is an easy answer, they should do exactly what you want them to do through the copy.  Sign up, pick up the phone, register, opt-in, or but the product or service you're selling.     


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