5 Verified Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Followers and Engagement

Let's face it, for music creators Instagram is one of the social media platforms used around the world by many different creatives both young and old. The site is used for many several reasons like posting pictures and images for fun among the youth, connecting with friends, and also advertising businesses. Despite this, four of its five most-followed accounts belong to music stars (Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift join Beyoncé in the top five). And of Instagram’s 800 million users worldwide, about 350 million follow 10 or more verified musicians.

Having a good number of followers makes you quite famous and proud that you are a public figure recognized by many people when you think of the millions of users on Instagram. However, it’s not an easy task gathering a large following on your Instagram and the following strategies will show you how to grow your Instagram followers and engagement.

1. Blend your photos with your brand

Your Instagram account is very important as it is a reflection or image of your brand or business. With this in mind, you are required to post images and photos that align to what you are or what you do. People should know instantly by your posts more about you by just looking at them without you having to explain anything to them. That may seem out there but think about how someone interprets the Mona Lisa before an art historian gives their spin.

Your followers will likely follow you because you have something they like, and since they want more you should be in a position to provide more. Thus saying, you should be able to keep updating your page with the latest content of attractive photos or videos of your music. To have a large group of followers think of what your brand entails and describe it through photos and videos.

2. Engage in photos around your niche

This next one may seem like a marathon of an effort. Especially when you have music on the brain... the tortoise won the race mind you. One way of attracting a following to your account is by commenting and liking other people’s posts. When you comment do your homework. Check out their profile and listen to their latest music snippet or a single they may have linked in their bio. This will make your comment personal to the person you want to attract to your profile. In turn, this will cause them to follow your account. However, don't be desperate and engage in followers of another niche as they are most likely not interested in what you have to offer.

Stick to accounts with the same niche as you, and you will find like-brained people whom you can share and connect with. You will notice that the people you engage with also have followers of their own and they can refer them to you (sending a nice DM can help this out) depending on the niche you specialize in, and this will work to your advantage in growing your Instagram followers and engagement.

3. Use relevant hashtags

Like on every other platform of social media, hashtags in Instagram assist in building a community and bringing together different people with the same interests and likes. So you need to use hashtags that align with your message and brand, and you will attract people to your platform which will increase your base of followers and engagement. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! You need to know the industry you are in and focus on using hashtags which are relevant to it.

You can also create your hashtags regarding an activity that you are undertaking. When followers click on it, you can then respond by commenting or liking on their posts or photos which will enable you to engage in a dialogue. Mix hashtags with thoughtful messages on your photos and videos and see yourself rising to Instagram fame. (If you don't know what hashtags to use or need recommendations, reach out to Musiclobal. They provide a service that recommends hashtags for you).

4. Request following from other sites

In other words, leverage your resources. Have supporting social sites like Facebook and Google Plus can do nothing but help to grow your engagement and followers on Instagram. Any channel you use to put your name in the online world will make people develop an interest in the brand you are offering and also your social avenues. If you have another account where the followers like your brand there, you can direct them to your Instagram account where you may offer a music contest or some other eye catching strategy and you can bet they will be curious to know what you have to offer them on that platform.

5. Do your research and learn from others

In my blogs where I discuss production, I alway say have reference tracks... same thing with growing your followers and engagement, look for breadcrumbs. There are thousands of people online that are enjoying a massive following on Instagram, having new followers every day and top engagement levels which means what they are doing is right. Carrying out research and looking for new ideas, will enable and give you the knowledge of how to design your Instagram, and post content that will attract a massive following.

Also, try finding out from the successful people what they did or how they go about it to enable you to know your weak points and work on them. A sincere-short message can go a long way. You don’t lose anything by reaching out and seeking the assistance of others to grow your followers and increase the level of your Instagram engagement.

Posting and maintaining an Instagram presence is an art like any other which requires skills, techniques, and the know-how in order to have a successful account. Having a great following and engagement starts right from the moment you create your account. The secret is creating your Instagram in a way no one will bypass without having a look inside and also posting quality posts.

Convincing a person to like your page is not easy let alone following it but with the strategies above, you can work your way to growing the number of Instagram followers you have and increasing the engagement.

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