Artist's Focus Is On the Wrong Thing-That is Why They Return to Rehab.

Why do music creators repeat the action of going to rehab?

While the reasons are many and varied, I believe there is an ailment the artists want to overcome and are yet to identify.

I observe music creators become eternally focused on the goal while losing sight of what needs to change to nail the goal. They become stuck in a loop of dissatisfaction or disappointment, or failure. They reach out to engage in traditional methods of support to get them out of the funk only to find it continually returns. So they return to trying to address the anxiety, addiction or depression. I ask you, is this sustainable?

The goal to overcome anxiety, addiction, depression-whatever isn’t a bad thing. Its better than the alternative. The problem and what is obvious by artists who repeatedly check into rehab is they are focused the goal of either getting out of rehab or feeling better. Nothing wrong with that but what happens once they leave rehab? They are commonly back into the same cycle that got them into rehab in the first place. Which tells their behavior wasn’t changed. Traditionally behavior isn’t the focal point of evolving into a better person and artist.

There are four things that need to be addressed by the artist’s coach to successfully not return to rehab. Firstly, an artist must master their inner critic. What is the point of achieving the goal of successfully going through rehab when you have that little voice in your head telling you things such as ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘I am angry’ to mention a couple. Every artist has a story from childhood that drives them to behave a certain way, in fact it often motivates them to create and connect emotionally with their audience, great positive. However, the flip side is when the story is “I am not good enough” because of a moment in their childhood when a parent told them their music isn’t good enough to make a living. These stories drive behavior and while there is no awareness of this the likely hood of artists in rehab will increase.

Secondly, Sustainability. What is the point of achieving the goal if you can’t sustain it?

Third is Compassion. If an artist isn’t used to evolving in an area of their life for example, the area of losing weight if they had to. The compassion of one who has lost weight and who they are in that identity to one who has not lost weight is different. They need to know who they are in their new identity after coming out of rehab. An artist needs to be partnered with where they have come from on their journey.

Lastly, is integration and co-creation. When the artist is experience compassion they are familiar with their new identity. Within integration, they must integrate their new identity into their normal lives.

This is when an artist will truly be elevated and no longer the person that repeatedly went to rehab. The goal will come. Reinventing the music creators being is the key.

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