Living and Performing at a 10

I believe we are made of energy. It would make sense to monitor where we are energetically operating moment by moment by moment.There are a large amount of people who are wondering why life is showing up the way that it is for them when they take no responsibility for where their thoughts are focused. If you want great things to happen, taking no responsibility for your thinking isn't a good first step.

I teach what it means to be a 10 every day. The best version of yourself EVERYDAY. What’s the self-interest? 10’s attract 10 experiences. 10’s show up in the world, 10’s get noticed. The chances of us being born are 1 in 400 trillion... you would think we'd be more appreciative and really utilize our time on this rock. We can be ungrateful at a level for the absolute privilege it is to be alive. I have experienced a lot of devaluing acts in my life and it’s a sobering way to learn to treat each day as a precious gift. Most people live their life waiting for circumstances to shift before they shift their state. I used to live this way and realized when I moved clear across the world away from home I cannot wait for things to happen-I must make them happen.

Do you know what a 10 version of you looks like? Its a huge question to ponder if you have never thought of it before. What would it look like? Most have no idea! It will be unexplainable as well as the things that will change in your life. I walk into my daughters school and I hear the parents greet each other-asking how are you and I commonly hear them respond ‘Good’. What if you would respond, 'Absolutely great!' The person you are talking to may ask you, ‘Well what’s happened?’. You say to them, 'Nothing-I just chose it!' How different would your day be? What energy would you be living at? Why do we have to wait for the Mac truck experience, the wakeup call of a daughter dying, bankruptcy, redundancy, cancer scare, divorce before we get a sense of urgency about our life! You change your energy in an instant! It all starts with your choice. Top 10 Benefits of Living A ’10’ EVERYDAY!

10’s experience leading an equanimous life

10’s attract 10 experiences

10’s stand out

10’s know they have choice moment by moment

10’s focus on what forwards the game

10’s see potential everyday for that’s where they resonate

10’s do not allow external circumstance to impact their state

10’s stay grounded

10’s have a strong faith

10’s have more fun

HIGH RECOMMENDATION – go and find out what living a 10 is like everyday!!!! There’s no comparison!

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