Musilytics: The Only Instagram Analytic Tool You Need.

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

When I talk to people on Instagram a common thread is to grow followers, engagement and their brand. I’ll cut to the chase and tell you, then you must get serious about growing your Instagram. The only way is to get serious with your reporting and analytical tools.

What You Need In Your Analytic Tool

Advanced Reporting: The default analytics of number of followers, engagement and time to post will not cut it on Instagram anymore. Especially if you're wanting to grow a brand and reach the masses. You need continuous reporting that delivers more than a weeks worth of data. Included in your the data, you need to track your changes in followers, engagement rates (I’m talking percentages), your top posts and hashtags.

Analytics: This is what most tools are missing. The ability to analyze your account and tell you where you should improve. Most analytical tools rely on the user to go through various dashboards and interpret themselves. When you are building your content to post and making sure you have the right photos or video, the last thing you should be worried about doing is deciphering data. What you need to look for and what Musilytics provides is the ability to collect all of your profile data, summarize the results and have a professional interpret the data and suggest what steps you should take next.

Research Tools:

Continuous growth is how you will succeed in growing your Instagram profile. To stand out from the millions in your niche, promote and sell your products, you need the proper tools. Tools to track your competitors and tools that help you improve your engagement for your posts (e.g. popular hashtags, best time and day to post …).

That’s why Musiclobal is introducing Musilytics for Instagram. It has all the tools and reporting you need.

So let’s dive right into Musilytics!

Advanced Reporting

Account Summary:

Musilytics provides you with a quick report card grade on your account. Your account gets scored on multiple factors such as follower count, engagement rate and many more. We will go more detail into this in the analytics portion of this article.

What I think is the coolest thing about the post graph service I created and you will too when you receive your analytical report is account summary. Musilytics is able to look at a full graph of your profile history, scan days, months and even a year back if needed-scroll along the peaks of the graph see what posts had the highest likes, comments and engagement.

The key metrics I recommend you focus on is engagement, average likes and average comments. If you are maintaining an engagement within 2-3%, and your average like/comments is steadily increasing, you’re maintaining a healthy Instagram account.


Report Scorecard

For novices in the Instagram game and new to analytics, Musilytics measures your account using 11 metrics, grading each one from A+ to F. Knowing your grade itself isn’t enough to understand what you need to do to level up, Musilytics provides for each metrics and explanation as to why you received a particular grade and steps to improve it.

Post Stats

This is where the opportunities in your content strategy lay.

Musilytics can see your best and worse performing posts based on engagement rate, likes, and comments. This information can be beneficial when determining what type of content is driving better results-whether it be pictures, videos or carousels.

I can also find your top performing hashtags and filters. Take note Musilytics will only analyze hashtags that were included in the captions of your post. If you don’t know and want to know what creative hashtags to use to personalize your brand, Musiclytics is able to provide you with creative suggestions based on your profile brand that you can post!

When developing this service, the phrase, "you don’t know you were you’re headed unless you know where you have come from." So lastly, you can find your best performing posts in the week, months and years! Unfortunately, you cannot download or re-post these photos.

When to Post

I love this element! This tool provides you a heat map of the best times to post in the week. It calculates this by analyzing the engagement rates of all your posts and identifies the times you received the most engagement. I'm also based on your inquiry look at the best time to post based on average likes, total likes, average amount of comments and total number of comments. Versatility is key! This tool comes in handy if you are touring or a world traveler and want to know when the best time to post when you are on location and still not lose touch with your home fan base.


A great informative hardcopy Musilytics provides. If you want to take a look at your data, Musilytics provides you with a downloaded raw data CSV file. The file lets you see all your posts, with information on the number of likes and comments it’s received, the time it was posted and what filter and hashtags you used.

Musilytics does not hide any data from you-its completely transparent as I wanted it to service you the best way possilbe.

Doing It On Your Own Isn't Needed Anymore

With Musilytics in your corner, the only thing you have to do is smash out awesome content and watch you begin to crush it! No more guessing, trial and error, grow more fans and grow your brand-Musilytics promises to deliver what you need and provide you the steps to really impact.

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