The 3 Must Have's for Your Musician Mindset: Self-Confidence, Conviction & Clarity.

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Every day I'm in contact with artists, producers and songwriters. Emerging musicians who are on the cusp of blowing up and aspiring musicians the vision but not the direction. I have over 15+ years in the trenches with them-losing thousands of dollars, broken promises and having doors shut in my face. It’s the pieces of mindset that will determine if your wasting your time or having the time of your life..

In an industry where you can spend at least 10 years even becoming a contender, let alone whether you will ever make a living at it —your mindset can be the determining factor in whether you excel or fizzle out.

Most of the time it falls somewhere between The 3 Must Have's.

1. Self-Confidence

Confidence isn’t something you were born with-its not innate. It rises and falls throughout your life. It’s something you grow. Just like a good exercise regiment, or your performance on stage, It’s all about what you think and how you think about things.

Action step: Don’t mistake doubt for lack of confidence. Doubt is a normal reaction when you haven’t worked hard enough on your art. It just means you need to buckle up and get to grinding. The road to success is paved with many detours, puddles and potholes. If your road is smooth with sunshine and rainbows you haven't worked hard nor long enough. Remain finding your way and stepping over the landmines (and a solid pair of badass boots), will help you boost real self-confidence.

2. Conviction

When an artist has conviction it doesn’t matter what anyone says or does, they are a formidable super power. Easily mistaken for over-confidence or arrogance, real conviction comes from no matter what happens, they are on the field for the long haul. They’ve decided it is their life and they will stand on the frontline-determined to carve their path, no matter what.

That said, it’s never really that simple.

It’s more like this:

Action step: You must have patience with your process. Identify where you are, and be present to it. Musicians have 3 phases they are occilate through. Phase 1 is the gathering phase. Phase 2 is the creation stage, the making of your record, building your artist persona and brand- and Stage 3 is the touring/promotional phase of getting out there with your music. Don’t think you’re not doing important work when you’re in Phase 1 or 2 just because it doesn’t show yet! Work on strengthening your inner conviction and be more present to your current phase. You’re end result with thank you ten times over!

3. Clarity

Clarity rules all. Seriously. When you get clear on what you want, where you are going, your musical sound and brand, you’re way ahead of the pack. The hardest task by far is to find your real artist persona. Then to detail your brand and head out there to slay yourself a career is the beast. Clarity of direction, brand, sound is often what stumps or delays artists the most. It’s the most difficult piece of the puzzle to find. Gaining clarity can be a tricky game.

So what does it look like? Sometimes it means saying “no” to say “yes” to you. Sometimes it means getting opinions from people you trust. Sometimes it means digging deeper to pave the way.

Action step: Do you need to say “no” or “yes” more? Are you saying yes to things that your real artist persona are not in alignment with? Or are you saying no to things you need to push the envelope on? Commit yourself to pushing through to, whether it means digging or standing out on your own two feet!

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