The Big 6 Metrics of Instagram To Get More Followers & Engagement

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Learning to understand your Instagram metrics (informations) is the best place to start when it comes to growing your business, brand, or influence on Instagram.

With all of the information you will discover once you click the four little lines in the upper right hand corner of your profile

but what Instagram metrics should you be tracking, measuring AND taking action on?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking at your analytics, so in this blog post I'm going to breaking down the big 6 metrics of Instagram that will help you grow your account (and your business)! Analyzing your Instagram metric and posting can be too much to manage... that is why Musiclobal created Musiclytics. The one stop tool to analyze your profile-along with professional interpretation of what is working on your account. 

#1 Instagram Metric: Measure Your Engagement Rate to Know Your Content Is Landing With Your Audience.

First things first: in order to view your Instagram metrics and analytics, you’ll need to switch to an Instagram business profile to get access to Instagram Insights.

When it comes to choosing which Instagram metrics to track, your engagement rate is a great place to start.

Since every one of your followers won’t see or engage with every single Instagram post, your engagement rate helps you know how many of your followers are actively engaging with your brand on Instagram.

Engagement rate is the percentage of engagement (likes and comments) that your Instagram posts get.

Instagram doesn’t calculate your engagement rate for you, but with Musilytics it is calculated for you and at your fingertips. You can find your reach and total likes/comments/saves by going to your posts in the Instagram app and clicking “view insights”:

If you are the type of person who wants to do it all themselves, you could divide likes + comments by the reach number instead of followers. By using your reach numbers you’re getting a more accurate number. It’s divided by the true number of how many people saw your post, instead of your total follower number. With the later, many may not even say your post.

If you don’t want to calculate your Instagram engagement rate manually, Musilytics automatically calculates your engagement rate you, saving you even more time!

Knowing and improving your Instagram engagement rate isn’t just about boosting likes. 

Your engagement rate is one of the best Instagram metrics to track if you want to find out how your content resonates with your audience, because it tells you how much your audience relates to the content you’re creating and if they want to share and engage with it.

Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do to improve your engagement rate. Even simple changes like writing winning captions for your posts and tactily posting at the best time can boost your engagement. 

#2 Instagram Metrics: Optimize Your Instagram Hashtag Strategy By Tracking Your Discovery Metrics. 

The Discovery section in your Instagram Insights is like discovering the Lost City of Atlantis when it comes to knowing where your audience came from and how they discovered your post.

To find the Discovery metrics for your posts, go to your profile page and tap the image you’d like to view metrics for. From here, tap the ‘View Insights’ button underneath your image, and a small information bar will appear on the bottom of your screen:

Next, swipe up from the toolbar to find even more analytics separated into two categories: Interactions and Discovery.

For now we will focus on the Discovery metrics. These numbers will tell you how many people viewed your post, and how they discovered it.

First, it’s good to know the difference between Reach and Impressions;

Impressions: This is the total number of times your post has been seen. This number includes users scrolling by in their feed, clicking through to your business’ profile to view a photo, or viewing content directly through an Instagram Direct Message.

Reach: Like Impressions, Reach also relates to the number of views your posts get. But rather than calculate it by total eyes on your content, it narrows it down to unique views only. So, for example, if one of your followers opens your profile and looks at your posts several times that day, that follower will only be counted once in your Reach results.

Under Impressions, you can see the total number of view broken down by how the user found your post.

The best Instagram metric to focus in on here is the ‘From hashtags’ metric. This number tells you if your hashtag strategy is working and people are discovering your post through the hashtags they follow or searched for in the Explore page!

Not sure what a hashtag strategy is? Don’t worry; Musiclobal has a whole Instagram Hashtag platform to help you optimize your best brand and/or business’ hashtags!

Experimenting with your hashtags and monitoring your Discovery metrics is a fun and creative way to see what works and what doesn't work. It will give you real insight and if you can nail down your hashtag strategy, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your target audiences.

#3 Instagram Metric: Know When Your Viewers Stop Watching Your Stories. 

If your business or brand is on Instagram, without a doubt you should definitely be using Instagram Stories!

Why? It’s the perfect platform to show off your brand’s personality, behind-the-scenes action and reach your audiences on a personal and fun level!

Plus, Instagram Stories has so many features like the Question and Poll Stickers that help boost engagement and build a conversation.

If you’re a 5 star Instagram story producer, you’ll want to start taking a close look at your Instagram Stories metrics. To be more specific, you want to look under the magnify glass you Next Stories metric. The Next Story metric is the number of people who have swiped past or tapped to the next Instagram account’s stories, and it can tell you a lot about your audience’s interest (or lack thereof) in your stories. Looking at my storylines, I was honestly surprised at the lack of interest in some of the content I posted. In saying that, it helped me to curate better content.

Let’s start with finding your Next Stories metrics. From your Instagram profile, tap your profile photo to see your live stories. Then just swipe up for all the insights on your story:

So what does your Next Story metric tell you?

Many people will ‘speed tap’ through Instagram Stories, particularly if the posts are still images or they’re short on time while they are waiting in line for a lunch time coffee and want to get to the end of our stories updates. When you see "back" or "forwards" you are discovering viewers who are tapping through your Instagram slides. 

The Next Story metric is when people will swipe forward to leave your story and move on to the next account’s story.

I hate to tell you but the ugly truth is better, viewers are not engaged at all in your story when you have high Next Story Metrics in the middle or beginning of your Instagram Stories. It bluntly tells you that they want to skip your content in favour of someone else’s. How does that make you feel?

Don't take it to heart but instead as an 'Instapreneur'-use the Next Story metrics to gauge how interested your followers are in your Instagram Stories content, or to understand what types of content your followers love or hate. Then, make changes accordingly.

#4 Instagram Metrics: Know How Many People You’re Reaching Outside Of Your Normal Profile Environment.

Reach is the number of unique accounts that have seen your post, while Impressions is the total number of times that your post has been seen.

Your Reach metrics are one of the best Instagram metrics to track if you want to grow your account because it tells you if you’re reaching new audiences outside of your existing followers.

You can track your overall reach by week and day in Instagram Insights within your app, and you’ll find it under the “Discovery” tab.

If you want to increase your reach for free, tagging relevant businesses or users in your posts (make sure they align with your brand or business). This can help your post get more engagement and increase your chances of your post being shared by a larger account.

#5: Understand Your Average Percentage Watched Rates to Create Awesome IGTV Videos.

This is probably my favorite tip because IGTV is new and all o so extremely untapped! Do you wonder if your audience is watching your IGTV videos from start to finish, you need to check out your Average Percentage Watched rate!

This is the percentage of your videos that people watched, and is calculated as the percentage of your video watched as an average of all plays

Don’t be discouraged by a natural decline – it’s completely normal! You’re never going to be able to get 100% of your viewers watching your video completely from start to finish. My last 3 videos had people watch until 2 minutes and 41 second and then the last 2 video it dropped off at about 40 seconds.

There are a lot of reasons why a viewer might skip past your video: they may not be interested in the topic of your video, they could have run out of time and decided to leave the app, or maybe they got the information they wanted at the beginning of your video.

While we shouldn’t get disheartened by viewers naturally dropping off, there are some things that you can do to encourage your readers to stick around longer and improve your Average Percentage Watched rate.

Next time include an introduction to let your viewers know from the get-go what your video will be about. Experiment with your video length to help you determine the sweet spot for your audience and start building your strategy around that! This was the first thing I did.

#6: Track Link Open Rates to Know Which Products to Showcase in Instagram Stories

If you have a business account-I believe you should if you are trying to build your brand and business, you probably want to share links to your website to showcase your products and services.

Instagram limits how you link out to external websites, and really only allows you to do it via the link in your profile bio and through Instagram Stories ‘Swipe Up’ feature (and only for business accounts bigger than 10k followers). For Instagram Stories, your Link Open rates tell you if you’re showing off the right products to your audience, at the right time, or in the right format. It can also be an indicator of which products or services appeal to your audience the most.

To find your Link Open rates, just follow these steps:

  • From your profile page, tap the “bar chart” icon on the top right-hand corner. Then navigate to the Content tab on the Insights page.

  • Here, you’ll need to scroll down to the Stories section. You’ll see your live stories in this box, with the number of views each received.

  • If you want to see more Instagram Stories, all you have do is tap “See all” in the top right corner of this box.

  • Using the filter, you can toggle to see the metrics for just the Link Open rates.

Here, you can track how many people used the “Swipe up” feature if you are linked to your website or product pages.

If this rate is low don't freak out. There are some really easy ways to improve it!

A simple trick to draw attention to your Swipe Up link is to use bright, colorful and animated GIFs in your Instagram Stories.

Monitoring these key Instagram metrics over time, and actioning some small changes to your Instagram strategy is a sure-fire way to build your audience, boost your engagement and see real returns in your business sales.