Top 10 Things To Consider Before You Contemplate Cultural Change In Your Organization.

Having been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, I found one thing keeps it as one of the biggest trends in the world and that is Cultural. They both, Fitness and Culture, if wanting to stay at the forefront must change with culture of the world surrounding it. There are 3 extremely clear frames companies fall into globally:

Frame #1 – Its impossible. They are resistant to embracing change because what it takes to change is too toppling and so they don't do it.

Frame #2 – Discovering in the middle of the Cultural Change process, it’s not advantageous to keep on this path but they are unable to pull the pin. They have come too far due to what they have already invested.

Frame #3 – When the Cultural Change process has ended,it has not reaped the return originally envisioned. Resulting in a high level of frustration throughout.

It’s no wonder there is little excitement and maybe a little fear around Cultural Change. Anything and Everything Leadership is only interested liberating, igniting and ultimately innovating companies. In a way that is far more rewarding and one that is long term.Culture is everybody’s job. Trust is everybody’s job. There’s no Culture Department. There’s no Trust Department, there’s not one person in charge of making sure the culture is right or the trust is right. It’s everybody’s job within the organisation.There is accountability on the individual which make up the collective whole. Wherever your culture is a reflection of the individuals within the organisation. Until the individuals see a self-interest to contribute to the culture attempting to be built, there will always be a dysfunctional experienced, this comes with the human territory.Cultural change is one thing, but embracing change is another. To effectively implement cultural change, one must embrace change versus resist it. Part of what is missing is the upfront discussions on what to expect in the new level of change and the journey to get attain it.There is no right and wrong, everybody’s perspectives are valid, however being prepared for what is to be expected has you deal with it in a different way, rather than being surprised.

Top 10 Things To Consider Before You Contemplate Cultural Change In Your Organisation(1) You will not be liked – expect it and you can master it better through compassion and observance.(2) Due to the resistance to change no amount of information you provide in explaining what is happening at every stage of the game will be enough. You must show them WHY the information is important to cultural change and how the change will positively impact them individually.(3) It takes a good 12-18 months before you see true results come full circle, if you think it will take 3-6-9 months to effect this level of change think again – if you want indelible long term change.(4) People will lose faith along the way and as the leader you will be the target.(5) Gossip will heighten levels you have never experienced due to people’s fears.(6) You will be constantly challenged.(7) People will go looking to find fault for it NOT working-you must appreciate and show compassion no matter what.(8) If you are not 100% the captain of the new ship you are trying to steer, it is doomed from the start.(9) You will not be able to please everyone, so many companies spend so much time trying to please everyone, it’s just NOT possible.(10) ULTIMATELY, Yyu will need support to see it through so make sure you factor this in before you start! Some can look at this list and run for the hills, others can look at the list and say ‘the access point to change for the culture is bigger than my or the confrontation’ and welcome and embrace all that change has to offer, no matter what it takes. Which will you choose?

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